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I spent my afternoon crouched in gutters in the city, receiving weird looks from people passing by. It was great fun! I attended a workshop with Three Little Wishes Photography where I learned all about how to use a DSLR camera correctly using the manual settings. For part of the workshop we had to choose a theme for what we were going to photograph and spend an hour roaming around Queen Street experimenting with our cameras. I started out photographing textures, then found a cigarette butt sticking out of a beautiful brick wall – I became fixated with cigarette butts for the next hour. My favourite image was a white Malboro butt with lipstick on the end. Thank you to our wonderful tutors for teaching us so well.




I went along to Urbis Design Day on Saturday 23rd March, and was pretty inspired by the work on display. Unfortunately I don’t have a decent camera at my disposal at the moment, so I have poached all these gorgeous photos from the very talented Julia at Studio Home. She captured the day much better than I ever could anyway.



I started at the Geyser + Design Assembly display, and did the interactive questionnaire to find out which typeface I was – turns out I’m a “script” font…a bit fancy and creatively inspired by Audrey Hepburn, so I can handle that.



Checked out a collaboration between photographer Simon Devitt and Youmans Capsules – a classy way to display design work.




My favourite display was Backhouse + Gather & Hunt. They showcased some pretty awesome furniture design, with some tasty treats at the end.


I jumped in the van and headed up to the Spazio Casa + Yvonne Bennetti display. Beautiful bathroom displays and tiles, with models standing in the spaces dressed in Yvonne Bennetti outfits. Slightly awkward walking into a bathroom on your own with a model standing there staring into space, but it was a cool idea.


I checked out the Mini + Switch setup in a massive warehouse. Displaying a range of the new Minis, next to brightly coloured art/design installations that corresponded with the style of the car.


The ECC Lighting & Furniture + Tape Art NZ display was pretty interesting. I definitely recommend going along to ECC Lighting & Furniture – 39 Nugent Street, Grafton – to check out the range of products on display. The Tape Art was impressive too – a full installation on the walls showing a maternity ward in a space ship…


I found the Paterson + Studio Frazerhurst collaboration a little odd. Nice bathroom fittings on display, but it had been setup to look a bit like a 90’s nightclub inside…not really feeling it….



Headed up to K Road to check out the Resene + Matter collaboration. Shutting off part of the motorway to fill it up with colourful bikes was pretty cool.


Once I got back to where I started on Parnell Road, I realised I had missed the BoConcept + Styled by You setup – and now I wish I had jumped in another van and checked it out – it looks like it would have been really interesting.


My final stop was down at Silo Park for the Hewlett Packard + Whitecliff College of Arts & Design collaboration. Probably the most conceptual display of the day.

So, it ended up being a pretty inspirational day. To see more, check out Studio Home.









Ron English is one of the prolific and recognizable artists alive today. His work is always controversial and provides a hilarious commentary on the consumer society we live in. At the conference he told us lots of funny stories about his street art expeditions and close-calls with the police.

So…he was the last guest-speaker at the conference… It was a fantastic day had by all. I recommend going along to the next Semi-Permanent – it was the inspiration kick I needed.

Industrial Light & Magic are the leading a special effects geniuses in the world. They operate out of a huge studio in San Francisco and their computing power is second only to NASA. They have created the special effects for Rango, Ironman, Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Avengers and many many more epic films. The guest speaker at Semi-Permanent said that he started out drawing Star Wars characters all over his school books…now he gets to do the coolest job in the entire world! So keep drawing all over your Graphics folder – you never know where you’ll end up!

Hi Res are a Web/Digital Agency from London. They have some amazing clients: Dolce & Gabbana, Hyundai, Chanel and many many others. They created this innovative campaign for Doritos in collaboration with Rihanna. Watch here: Doritos Late Night

Bec Winnel is hands-down the most adorable guest speaker I have ever listened to! She is so sweet, and so talented. Bec Winnel is a self-taught illustrator from Australia. Yep – she draw that picture – from scratch – with colouring pencils! Check out the rest of her work at her online gallery. And check out this time-lapse of her drawing one of her creations – amazing: Vimeo

Wallpaper Magazine showcase design, interiors, fashion, art and lifestyle. One of their head designers spoke about the process involved in creating each issue of this London-based magazine. They also have an iPad version of the magazine that comes out with every issue. Have a look at this Wallpaper Home Workout video they put together.

I love Kelli Anderson. She is an artist, designer, printmaker and tinkerer from New York who enjoys the challenge of seeking out hidden possibility in the physical and digital world. I love everything about her design and I loved the way she spoke with such passion and intelligence at Semi-Permanent.

Here is a clip showcasing an amazing wedding invite she created for her friends: Paper Record Player

Stolen Girlfriends Club are the bad boys of NZ Fashion. At Semi-Permanent, they gave some great advice on how to create a solid brand and a story to go with it. They are very successful all over the world, with bands like Kings of Leon wearing their brand. Watch a random fashion show they put on last year in a New World Supermarket:

Stolen Girlfriends Club New World Supermarket Show

OK – it’s time for some show-and-tell. I went to Semi-Permanent design conference in Auckland over the weekend. I was inspired by so many amazing artist and designers. Unfortunately I was only able to go on Saturday. Over the following posts, I’m going to give some feedback on what I learned from the brilliant guest speakers at the second day of the conference…