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“There’s something innately satisfying about getting your status updates “liked” on Facebook, but it still doesn’t compare a real hug. To reconcile that, Harvard Graduate School of Design graduate Melissa Kit Chow designed Like-A-Hug, social media vest that inflates any time someone likes something of yours on Facebook, giving you what feels like a soft hug.”

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I am going to run away and join the fictional Owl Scouts

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I know…I don’t usually put fashion up on this blog, but everything about this photo shoot is just so delicious!

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Super stylish Gentlemen’s hairdresser: Room 104

Vintage goodness: Coucou

Industrial French Cafe in an old truck loading lane: Imperial Lane

I saw these talented fashion bloggers in Newmarket. Check out their blog here: Four Eyes

Coolest monkey’s EVER at Auckland Zoo

Stylish Cafe: Shaky Isles Kingsland

The coolest industrial antique/collectable shop ever: Flotsam & Jetsam

…some of the awesome stuff I experienced over the weekend…

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Stolen Girlfriends Club are the bad boys of NZ Fashion. At Semi-Permanent, they gave some great advice on how to create a solid brand and a story to go with it. They are very successful all over the world, with bands like Kings of Leon wearing their brand. Watch a random fashion show they put on last year in a New World Supermarket:

Stolen Girlfriends Club New World Supermarket Show