I hope you guys have a good break – go outside and get some sun….and once you’ve had a bit of a break, here’s what you need to have completed by the time you get back:

Year 11 DVC: Concepts & Developments finished for you retail design (FAO students also need detailed design notes to justify their decisions throughout).

Year 12/13 PSD: Your ENTIRE project should be finished with detailed design notes to justify your decisions. You also need to have a completed presentation for the Design Exhibition in Week 1. You need to email me your concepts and developments for your presentation throughout the holidays so I can give you feedback.

I will be in at school on both Fridays from 10am – 3pm. I am expecting to see all the Year 12/13 students in here, and the Year 11 students who are doing the FAO for the 6 credit internal. If you want to bring me a coffee as a sign of your appreciation for giving up my holidays for you… I’ll have a flat white – no sugar… thanks…